The landscaping at our new home was tired, old fashioned and consumed too much water. Nicole developed a plan, both hardscape and landscape, that expanded our patio and installed a beautiful array of natural grasses and plants that worked seamlessly into the native oak tree area that abutted out property. The plants have developed nicely over the year since installed and our water consumption has dropped dramatically. We could not be more pleased with the results. Our neighbors were also impressed and a number of them have been motivated to upgrade their landscaping with low water usage native plants.

Howard Fabrick


I would recommend NC Designs without hesitation. 2+ years ago we purchased a 50+ year old house that had its original landscaping (all rose bushes and white rock). Nicole Cook of NC Designs completely transformed both our front and back yards. She spent time figuring out what our needs would be and presented amazing ideas we would have never considered. Both the landscape and hardscape were completely transformed and we are thrilled. We have lost count how many times people drive or walk by and compliment us on the transformation, as well as take photos. Excellent work.

Cathy Roche


We were impressed by Nicole’s work elsewhere in the neighborhood and wanted the same beauty replicated at our home. Throughout the process, she was professional, experienced and creative. Our new backyard is just what we wanted; a welcoming, beautiful and aesthetically pleasing place to retreat to and call our own.

Karen Valine